New Sniptaculous version

I’ve just updated Snipatculous, my Visual Studio snippets collection to version 1.01. I’m using it daily at this point and I really like how fast it can make certain scenarios.

For example, ifany will expand to :

if ($value$ != null && $value$.Any())
    // cursor ends here instead of comment
    // after value has been replaced

The main issue is the installation which consists of a file copy in Visual Studio’s snippet directory. I’ll have to investigate if I could make a Visual Studio Extension that would facilitate the installation procedure and make it seem less barbaric.

Sniptaculous, a C# snippet library

Sniptaculous, a C# snippet library

I’ve just released the first version of Sniptaculous, a Visual Studio C# snippet library.

I think the existing snippets are great. They have parameters and some of them, such as the switch snippet (sw), will expand and make all of the switch cases for you if you use an existing enum as the parameter.

Since I love snippets and I find they speed up development, I’ve made some of my own. Over 50 snippets in fact.

I will continue adding to and refining Sniptaculous. I’m always open to suggestions and pull requests.