Find GitHub projects to contribute to

Contributing to open source projects is something I have long wanted to do. This is why I recently started contributing to reek and I’m happy I did.

One thing I have found out is that it can be hard to find the right project to start contributing to when you’re on a limited time budget.

While browsing repositories on GitHub, I manually filtered out certain repos. Those that hadn’t been updated in months or years, those that hadn’t accepted any pull requests, those that had hundreds of open long standing pull requests with no comments.

While these repos could end up working great for contribution, they feel risky and I prefer to go with safer bets.

Introducing dispatcher

I have decided to write an open source project to help me filter out those repos and present me the ones which would be the most suited to contribution. The results is then presented on a GitHub page and available for all. The project name is dispatcher.

How you can help

If anyone wants to help, please do not hesitate to fork the repo. Do not hesitate to contact me directly if need be.

Besides code contributions, I would appreciate any thoughts on how to better filter the repos. What would turn you off when looking at a project to contribute to? Feel free to submit this by email, commenting on the blog or by submitting new issues on GitHub.

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